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Merchant Account Mapping

Merchant Accounts can be grouped together so that if a transaction is sent to an account that doesn't support either the requested card type or currency, then it can be automatically routed to another account in the same group that does support them.

For example, you can group a Merchant Account that only supports American Express cards with a Merchant Account that only supports Visa cards. Then, if a request using an American Express card is sent to the Visa only Merchant Account, the Gateway will automatically route it to the American Express Merchant Account.

This prevents you from needing to know the card type in advance in order to send the request to the correct Merchant Account. This is important when using the Hosted integration, because you don’t know the card type at the time you send the request.

It is usual for you to have one master account to which you direct all requests and then group all your accounts together.

Any Gateway routing of the transaction can be seen from the following additional response fields:

requestMerchantIDAlwaysID of Merchant Account request was sent to (usually same as merchantID).
processMerchantIDAlwaysID of Merchant Account request was processed by.

Velocity Control System (VCS)

The Gateway allows you to configure velocity controls using the Merchant Management System (MMS). These can be used to email you declined transactions automatically, where they exceed these controls.

For example, you can set up a control that stops a certain card number from being used more than twice in the space of a few minutes.

If one or more of these controls are broken by a transaction, then the following response fields will show the problem. If a transaction is declined through breach of one or more of these rules, then a responseCode of 5 (VCS DECLINE) will be returned.

vcsResponseCodeAlwaysVCS error code. Normally 5.
vcsResponseMessageAlwaysDescription of above response code or list of rules broken by this transaction.

Duplicate Transaction Checking

Duplicate transaction checking prevents transaction requests from accidentally processing more than once. This can happen if a Customer refreshes your checkout page or clicks a button that issues a new transaction request. While duplicate checking can help prevent repeat transactions from going through, we recommend talking with your developers to see whether changes can be made to your form to reduce the likelihood of this occurring (eg disabling the Submit button after it has been clicked).

To help prevent duplicate transactions, each transaction can specify a time window during which previous transactions will be checked to see whether they could be possible duplicates.

This time window is specified using the duplicateDelay field. The value for this field can range from 0 to 9999 seconds (approx. 2 ¾ hours).

If the transaction request does not include the duplicateDelay field or specifies a value of zero, then a default delay of 300 seconds (5 minutes) is used.

The following fields are used in transaction comparison and must be the same for a transaction to be regarded as a duplicate:

  • merchantID
  • action
  • type
  • amount
  • transactionUnique
  • currencyCode
  • xref (if provided in lieu of card details)
  • cardNumber (may be specified indirectly via cross reference)

If a transaction is regarded as being a duplicate, then a responseCode of 65554 (REQUEST DUPLICATE) will be returned.

Capture Delay


Capture Delay enables you to specify a delay between the authorisation of a payment and its capture. This allows you time to verify the order and choose whether to fulfil it or cancel it. This can be very helpful in preventing chargebacks due to fraud.

When NOT using capture delay, payments are authorised and captured immediately - funds are automatically debited from the Customer’s credit or debit card at that time.

When using capture delay, the payment is authorised only at the time of payment - funds are reserved against the credit or debit card and will not be debited until the payment is captured.

The Customer experience with capture delay is the same as when capture delay is not used. The Customer will not know whether you are using capture delay or not.

If you choose to use capture delay, you can use the captureDelay request field to specify the number of days for which capture is delayed, within a range of 0 to 30 days. Alternatively, you can use the value -1 or ‘never’ to specify that the Gateway should never automatically capture in which case you must manually capture.

The Gateway will automatically capture the transaction after any delay specified unless you manually cancel or capture the transaction, using either the Direct Integration or via the Merchant Management System (MMS).

Note that some cards require capture within 4 to 5 days - if payment is not automatically captured within that period, the transaction will expire, and the reserved funds will be released to the Customer.

Why Use Capture Delay?

Capture delay allows you to accept online orders normally but allows you to cancel any transactions that you cannot or will not fulfil, thereby reducing the risks of chargeback. If you receive an order that appears to be fraudulent or that you cannot or do not wish to fulfil, you can simply cancel the transaction.

Note: Cancelling a transaction may not always reverse the authorisation and release the funds back to the Customer. This is dependent on the Acquirer and in these cases the authorisation will never be settled and will be left to expire releasing any reserved funds. The time taken for this varies between cards.

Some Acquirers do not support delayed capture, in which case the Hosted Integration will return a responseCode of 66358 (INVALID CAPTURE DELAY).

Card Identification

The Gateway will attempt to identify the type of each card number provided along with the associated Card Scheme (network) and, when available, the issuing institution and issuing country.

The Gateway primarily supports Mastercard, Visa and American Express branded cards. Some Acquirers may support JCB, Discover and Diners Club cards. Not all Acquirers support all types.

The card type and scheme codes will be returned in the cardTypeCode and cardSchemeCode response fields. When available, the issuer details will be returned in the cardIssuer and cardIssuerCountryCode response fields.

If the Gateway is unable to identify the card, then a code of ‘XX’ will be returned.

The following fields are returned by the Gateway to indicate a cards identity.

cardTypeCodeCard type identification code, eg ‘VD’.
cardTypeCard type name, eg, ‘Visa Debit’.
cardSchemeCodeScheme identification code, eg ‘VC’.
cardSchemeScheme name, eg ‘Visa’.
cardIssuerCard Issuer’s name, eg ‘HSBC UK BANK PLC’.
cardIssuerCountryCodeIssuing country’s ISO-3166 2-letter code, eg ‘GB’.
cardIssuerCountryIssuing country’s name, eg ‘United Kingdom’.
cardFlagsBitmask of flags where each bit number indicates the following:

01 – debit (not credit) card.
02 – alternative debit (not credit) card.
03 – prepaid card.
09 – corporate card (not consumer) card.
12 – tokenised card (reserved for future use).
17 – ECOM use allowed.
18 – MOTO use allowed.
19 – EPOS use allowed.
20 – CA use allowed.
21 – LUHN conforming.
22 – 3-D Secure available (doesn’t indicate the card is enrolled).
23 – Contactless available.

An unset bit may mean that the information is unavailable and not necessarily that the information doesn’t apply to the card.

The following is a list of primary card types supported by the Gateway.

Card CodeScheme CodeCard Type
MCMCMastercard Credit
MDMCMastercard Debit
MAMCMastercard International Maestro
MIMCMastercard/Diners Club
MPMCMastercard Purchasing
MUMCMastercard Domestic Maestro (UK)
VCVCVisa Credit
VDVCVisa Debt
ELVCVisa Electron
VPVCVisa Purchasing
AMAMAmerican Express
DIDIDiners Club
DCDIDiners Club Carte Blanche
CUCUChina UnionPay
CCCUChina UnionPay Credit
CDCUChina UnionPay Debit

The following is a list of secondary card types recognised by the Gateway. These cards may be returned in response to a card lookup, but they are either deprecated or most likely not supported by any current Acquirer.

Card CodeScheme CodeCard Type
CFCFClydesdale Financial Services
DEDIDiners Club Enroute
TPTPTempo Payments

Transaction Life Cycle

Each transaction received by the Gateway follows a pre-determined life cycle from receipt to completion. The stages in the life cycle are determined by the type of transaction and its success or failure at different stages in its life.

Authorise, Capture and Settlement

The key stages in the transaction’s life cycle can be grouped into the Authorisation, Capture and Settlement stages as follows:


An authorisation places a hold on the transaction amount in the Cardholder’s issuing bank. No money actually changes hands yet. For example, let’s say that you are going to ship a physical product from your website. First, you authorise the amount of the transaction; then you ship the product. You only capture the transaction after the product is shipped.


A capture essentially marks a transaction as ready for settlement. As soon as the product is shipped, you can capture an amount up to the amount of the authorisation. Usually, the full amount is captured. An example of a situation in which the whole amount is not captured is where the Customer ordered multiple items and one of them is unavailable. The Gateway will normally automatically capture all authorisations as soon as they are approved, freeing you up from having to do this.

However, it is usually more desirable to delay the capture either for a period of time or indefinitely. The captureDelay field can be used for this purpose and will allow you to state the number of days to delay any automatic capture or never to automatically capture. For more details on delayed capture, refer to the delayed capture guide


Within 24 hours, the Gateway will instruct your Acquirer to settle the captured transaction. The Acquirer then transfers the funds between the Cardholder’s and your accounts.

Transaction States

At any time during the transaction’s life cycle, it is in one of a number of states as follows:


The transaction has been received by the Gateway and stored away. This is the first stage. The Gateway will examine the transaction and pass it on to the next stage, as appropriate.


The transaction has been sent to the Acquirer for authorisation and the Acquirer has approved it and is holding the Cardholder’s funds.

This is an intermediate state and follows the received state.


The transaction has been sent to the Acquirer for verification and the Acquirer has confirmed that the account is valid.

This is a terminal state and follows the received state. The transaction will never be settled and no funds will ever be transferred.


The transaction has been sent to the Acquirer for authorisation and the Acquirer declined it. The Acquirer will not usually give any reason for a decline and will not have held any funds.

The transaction has now completed its life cycle and no more processing will be done on it.

This is a terminal state and follows the received state. The transaction will never be settled and no funds will ever be transferred. The transaction responseCode will be 5 (Declined).


The transaction has been sent to the Acquirer for authorisation and the Acquirer referred it for verbal approval.

You can choose not to seek verbal approval and treat these transactions the same as a normal ‘declined’ authorisation.

To seek verbal approval, you must phone the Acquirer and ask for an authorisation code. They will probably ask for more information about the transaction and might require you to gather other forms of identification from the Cardholder. If an authorisation code is provided, then a new transaction can be sent to the Gateway specifying the xref of this transaction and the received authorisationCode. This new request will not be sent for authorisation and will be in the ‘approved’ state ready for capture and settlement.

This is a terminal state and follows the received state. The transaction will never be settled and no funds will ever be transferred. The transaction responseCode will be 2 (Referred).


The transaction was sent to the Acquirer for authorisation and the Acquirer approved it. However, the transaction has been voided and the approval reversed. The Acquirer will have been asked to reverse any approval previously received, effectively cancelling the authorisation and returning any held funds back to the Cardholder.

The Gateway will reverse an authorisation if it declines the transaction post authorisation due to any AVS/CV2 checking. The PREAUTH action will also automatically reverse an authorisation before return.

This is a terminal state and follows the approved state. The transaction will never be settled and no funds will ever be transferred.

If the transaction was reversed due to AVS/CV2 checking, then the transaction responseCode will be 5 (AVS/CV2 Declined).


The transaction has been captured and the Acquirer will be asked to capture the approved held funds when the settling process next runs. The settling process usually runs each evening but the Acquirer may take up to 3 days to transfer the funds.

The capture state can either be entered automatically if the transaction requested an immediate or delayed capture; or it can be manually requested by sending a CAPTURE request. You are free to change the amount to be captured to a value less than that initially approved by issuing one or more CAPTURE commands. When captured, there is no way to un-capture a transaction. If not explicitly cancelled, it will be sent for settlement at the next opportunity.

This is an intermediate state and follows the approved state.


The transaction has been sent to the Acquirer for settlement by the settling process and is awaiting confirmation that it has been accepted.

At this point, the transaction can no longer be cancelled or re-captured.

This is an intermediate state and follows the captured state.


The transaction could not be settled due to some temporary problem such as a communications loss. It will be attempted again the next time the settling process runs – usually first thing the next day.

This is an intermediate state and follows the tendered state. It will normally be accompanied by a transaction response that indicates why the settlement process could not settle the transaction.


The transaction has been accepted for settlement by the Acquirer. The held funds will be transferred between the Merchant and Cardholder in due course.

The transaction has now completed its life cycle and no more processing will be done on it, unless it is subject to a rejection while the Acquirer is settling it.

This is a terminal state and follows the tendered state.


The transaction has been rejected for settlement by the Acquirer. The held funds will not be transferred between the Merchant and Cardholder.

Only a few Acquirers inform the Gateway that they have rejected a transaction: they usually inform you directly. Therefore, a transaction may show as accepted even if was ultimately rejected or it may change from accepted to rejected if the Acquirer does inform the Gateway.

The transaction has now completed its life cycle and no more processing will be done on it.

This is a terminal state and follows the tendered or accepted states. The transaction response will normally indicate the reason the transaction was rejected.


The transaction has been cancelled by the Merchant by sending a cancellation request to the Gateway either using the CANCEL action or via the Merchant Management System (MMS).

You can cancel any transaction that is not in a terminal state or in the ‘tendered’ state. When cancelled, any further processing that would have normally taken place will be halted. Cancelling a transaction may or may not release any funds held on the Cardholder’s card, depending on support from the Acquirer and Card Scheme. Note: the state is spelt American style, with a single ‘l’ as canceled.

This is a terminal state and follows any non-terminal state that occurs before the transaction reaches the tendered state.


The transaction has finished and reached the end of its lifespan but did not reach one of the other terminal states. Usually this indicates that a problem has occurred with the transaction that prevents it continuing with its normal life cycle.

This is a terminal state and can follow any other state. The transaction response will normally indicate the reason that the transaction failed.

Transaction Cloning

If a new transaction request is received with the Cross Reference (xref) of an existing transaction, then the values of certain fields in the existing transaction will be used to initialise the new transaction where new values have not been provided in the new request. This copying of fields from a base transaction is termed ‘transaction cloning’, and the copied-over value is termed the ‘cloned value’. To allow for easy addition of future fields, the fields are grouped into logical groupings and each group is given a name, given in brackets after the group title.

Certain groups of fields, such as address fields, can only be copied as a whole entity and any new value provided in the new request will prevent the whole group from being copied from the existing transaction. These fields are marked with an asterisk after the field name.

By default, the values of all the fields are copied from the existing transaction where appropriate. However, you can control exactly which fields are copied using the cloneFields field in the new request. The value of cloneFields should be a comma separated list of field names or group names that should be copied over. Alternatively, if you wish to specify a list of fields not to copy, then prefix the list with a single exclamation mark (!).

cloneFieldsNoComma separated list of field names or group names whose values should be cloned.


To copy over only the value of customerName and any values for the fields in the customerAddressFields group:

cloneFields=”customerName, customerAddressFields”

To copy over the values of all supported fields apart from the value of customerName and merchantName:


Cloned Fields

Transaction fields currently cloned are as follows:

Order Details Fields (orderFields)

- type
- countryCode
- currencyCode
- amount
- grossAmount
- netAmount
- taxRate
- taxAmount
- taxReason
- discountAmount
- discountReason
- handlingAmount
- insuranceAmount
- surchargeAmount

Order Reference Fields (orderRefFields)

- transactionUnique
- orderRef
- orderDate

Card Fields (cardFields)

- paymentMethod
- paymentToken
- cardToken
- cardNumber
- cardExpiryDate*
- cardExpiryMonth*
- cardExpiryYear*
- cardStartDate*
- cardStartMonth*
- cardStartYear*
- cardIssueNumber

Cardholder Fields (cardholderFields)

- customerName
- customerAddress
- customerPostcode
- customerEmail
- customerPhone

Purchase Fields (purchaseFields)

- items

Statement Narrative Fields (narrativeFields)

- statementNarrative1
- statementNarrative2

AVS/CV2 Fields (avscv2Fields)

- avscv2Required
- cv2CheckPref
- addressCheckPref
- postcodeCheckPref
- customerAddress
- customerPostcode

Risk Check Fields (riskCheckFields)

- riskCheckRequired
- riskCheckPref
- riskCheckOptions

3-D Secure Fields (threedsFields) - 3-D Secure fields are only cloned if both the existing and new transaction support 3-D Secure.

- threeDSRequired
- threeDSPolicy
- threeDSCheckPref
- threeDSRedirectURL
- threeDSOptions
- scaExemption

Merchant Email Notification Fields (notifyFields)

- notifyEmailRequired
- notifyEmail

Customer Receipt Fields (cReceiptFields)

- customerReceiptsRequired
- customerEmail

Merchant Information Fields (merchantFields)

- merchantName
- merchantCompany
- merchantAddress*
- merchantTown*
- merchantCounty*
- merchantPostcode*
- merchantCountryCode*
- merchantPhone
- merchantMobile
- merchantFax
- merchantEmail
- merchantWebsite
- merchantData
- merchantOrderRef
- merchantCustomerRef
- merchantTaxRef
- merchantOriginalOrderRef
- merchantCategoryCode
- merchantAccountNo
- merchantType

Customer Information Fields (customerFields)

- customerName
- customerCompany
- customerAddress*
- customerTown*
- customerCounty*
- customerPostcode*
- customerCountryCode*
- customerPhone
- customerMobile
- customerFax
- customerEmail
- customerDateOfBirth
- customerOrderRef
- customerMerchantRef
- customerTaxRef

Supplier Information Fields (supplierFields)

- supplierName
- supplierCompany
- supplierAddress*
- supplierTown*
- supplierCounty*
- supplierPostcode*
- supplierCountryCode*
- supplierPhone
- supplierMobile
- supplierFax
- supplierEmail
- supplierOrderRef
- supplierAccountNo

Receiver Information Fields (receiverFields)

- receiverName
- receiverCompany
- receiverAddress*
- receiverTown*
- receiverCounty*
- receiverPostcode*
- receiverCountryCode*
- receiverPhone
- receiverMobile
- receiverFax
- receiverEmail
- receiverAccountNo
- receiverDateOfBirth

Delivery Information Fields (deliveryFields)

- deliveryName
- deliveryCompany
- deliveryAddress*
- deliveryTown*
- deliveryCounty*
- deliveryPostcode*
- deliveryCountryCode*
- deliveryPhone
- deliveryMobile
- deliveryFax
- deliveryEmail

Shipping Information Fields (shippingFields)

- shippingMethod
- shippingTrackingRef
- shippingAmount
- shippingGrossAmount
- shippingNetAmount
- shippingTaxRate
- shippingTaxAmount
- shippingTaxReason
- shippingDiscountAmount
- shippingDiscountReason

MCC 6012 Additional Authorisation Data (mcc6012Fields)

- receiverName
- receiverPostcode
- receiverAccountNo
- receiverDateOfBirth

Payment Facilitator Data (facilitatorFields) - Payment facilitator fields are only cloned if the existing transaction uses the same merchantID as the new transaction.

- subMerchantID
- facilitatorID
- facilitatorName
- isoID

Surcharge Data (surchargeFields)

- surchargeRequired
- surchargeAmount
- surchargeRules

Device Data (deviceFields)

- deviceType
- deviceChannel
- deviceIdentity
- deviceTimeZone
- deviceCapabilities
- deviceAcceptContent
- deviceAcceptCharset
- deviceAcceptEncoding
- deviceAcceptLanguage
- deviceScreenResolution
- deviceOperatingSystem

Acquirer Data (acquirerFields)

- acquirerOptions

Cloned Groups

To allow for easy future addition of new fields, the existing fields are grouped into logic groupings. Each group is given a name (as shown in brackets after the group title). It is recommended that this group name be used in any cloneFields value instead of listing all the fields separately.

Compound Groups

To help maintain transaction integrity, certain groups of fields, such as address fields, can only be copied as a whole entity and any new value provided in the new request will prevent the whole group from being copied from the existing transaction.

These compound fields are marked with an asterisk in the list of fields above and can be referred to in cloneFields as logical groups using the following group names; merchantAddressFields, customerAddressFields, deliveryAddressFields, supplierAddressFields and receiverAddressFields.

Line-Item Data

Any line-item data (items) is copied over in its entirety and there is no way to merge the line item from an existing transaction with any sent in a new transaction.

Amount Consistency

he Gateway does not validate that the various sub-amount fields, such as netAmount, grossAmount, all add up to the actual requested amount. Therefore, these fields are currently not treated as a compound group.

If a new amount value is passed that is different from the value in the existing transaction, then the following fields should also be passed so that they tally with the new amount.

  • grossAmount
  • netAmount
  • taxRate
  • discountAmount

Response Codes

The Gateway will always issue a numeric responseCode to report the status of the transaction. These codes should be used rather than the responseMessage field to determine the outcome of a transaction. Response codes are grouped; however, the groupings are for informational purposes only and not all codes in a group are used and some codes may exist for completeness or future use. A zero responseCode always indicates a successful outcome.

Authorisation Response Codes

The Gateway uses a set of standard response codes to indicate the status of an authorisation request to the Acquirer. These response codes are based on the 2-character ISO 8583 response codes. The full set of ISO 8583 codes used are given in the table below, however not all are applicable to transactions currently supported by the Gateway and therefore not used and documented for reference purposes only.

Some ISO-8583 codes are not numeric and therefore to ensure all Gateway response codes are numeric these codes are mapped to an equivalent numeric code greater than 99. This equivalent numeric code is shown in the table below along with the original 2 letter code in brackets.

Not all ISO-8583 codes are applicable to the types of transactions currently available via the Gateway and therefore unapplicable codes, although documented, may not currently be returned.

If the authorising Acquirer does not return a suitable ISO 8583 code, then the Gateway will attempt to map the Acquirers response to a suitable code.

The original Acquirer authorisation response code and response message will always be returned in the acquirerResponseCode and acquirerResponseMessage fields. The original Acquirer authorisation response code may not be numeric and information on these codes will need to be requested from the Acquirer.

Acquirer Authorisation Response codes: 0 - 9999
0Successful approval/completion
1Refer to card issuer
2Refer to card issuer, special condition
3Invalid merchant or service provider
4Pickup card
5Do not honor
7Pickup card, special condition (other than lost/stolen card)
8Honor with identification
9Request in progress
10Approval for partial amount
11Approved VIP
12Invalid transaction
13Invalid amount (currency conversion field overflow), or amount
14Invalid card number/account number
15No such issuer
16Approved, Update Track 3
17Customer cancellation
18Customer dispute
19Re-enter transaction
20Invalid response/Acquirer error
21No action taken (unable to back out prior transaction)
22Suspected malfunction
23Unacceptable transaction
24File update impossible
25Reference number cannot be found. Unable to locate record in fi
from the inquiry
26Duplicate reference number
27Error in reference number
28File is temporarily unavailable for update
29File action failed/Contact acquirer
30Format error
31Bank not supported by Switch/Unknown acquirer account code
32Complete partially
33Pickup card (expired)
34Pickup card (suspected fraud)
35Pickup card (acceptor contact acquirer)
36Pickup card (restricted card)
37Pickup card (acceptor call acquirer security)
38Pickup card (PIN tries exceeded)
39No credit account
40Function not supported
41Pickup card (lost card)
42No universal account
43Pickup card (stolen card)
44No investment account
45Account closed
46Identification required
47Identification cross-check required
48No from account
49No to account
50No account
51Insufficient funds
52No checking account
53No savings account
54Expired card
55Incorrect PIN
56Unknown card
57Transaction not permitted to cardholder
58Transaction not allowed at terminal
59Suspected fraud
60Contact acquirer
61Exceeds withdrawal amount limit
62Restricted card (for example, in Country Exclusion table)
63Security violation
64Amount higher than previous transaction
65SCA Required (previously, Exceeds withdrawal limit)
66Contact acquirer
67Hard capture - ATM
68Time out
69Advice received too late
70Contact card issuer
71Message flow error
72Authorization centre not available for 60 seconds.
73Authorization centre not available for 300 seconds.
74PIN entry necessary
75Allowable number of PIN tries exceeded
76Unable to locate previous message (no match on Retrieval Refere
77Previous message located for a repeat or reversal, but repeat o
original message
78Blocked, first used. The transaction is from a new cardholder,
79Already reversed
80Visa transactions: credit issuer unavailable. Private label and
81PIN cryptographic error found (error found by VIC security modu
82Negative CAM, dCVV, iCVV, or CVV results
83STIP cannot approve
84Pre-auth time too great
85No reason to decline a request for account number verification,
verification, or a credit voucher or merchandise return
86Unable to verify PIN
87Purchase amount only, no cash back allowed
88Unable to authorise
89Ineligible to receive
90Cut-off in progress
91Issuer unavailable or switch inoperative (STIP not applicable o
92Destination cannot be found for routing
93Transaction cannot be completed, violation of law
94Duplicate transaction
95Reconcile error
96System malfunction
97Security Breach
98Date and time not plausible
99Error in PAC encryption detected
497 (B1)Surcharge amount not permitted on Visa cards (U.S. acquir
498 (B2)Surcharge not supported
928 (N0)Unable to authorise
931 (N3)Cash service not available
932 (N4)Cashback request exceeds issuer limit
933 (N5)Resubmitted transaction over max days limit
935 (N7)Decline for CVV2 failure
936 (N8)Transaction amount greater than pre-authorised approved amount
1002 (P2)Invalid biller information
1005 (P5)PIN Change/Unblock request declined
1006 (P6)Unsafe PIN
1037 (Q1)Card Authentication failed
1072 (R0)Stop Payment Order
1073 (R1)Revocation of Authorization Order
1074 (R3)Revocation of All Authorizations Order
1144 (T0)Approval, keep first check
1145 (T1)Check OK, no conversion
1146 (T2)Invalid RTTN
1147 (T3)Amount greater than limit
1148 (T4)Unpaid items, failed NEG
1149 (T5)Duplicate check number
1150 (T6)MICR error
1151 (T7)Too many checks
1298 (XA)Forward to issuer
1301 (XD)Forward to issuer
1363 (Z3)Unable to go online

Gateway Response Codes

The Gateway uses a set of enhanced response codes to indicate if there is an issue with the transaction which prevented any authorisation response being received from the Acquirer. These response codes start at 65536.

The responses are grouped into categories and the codes in the ‘missing’ and ‘invalid’ field categories are designed so that that invalid field code is exactly 256 greater than the corresponding missing field code. For example, the code of a missing action field is 66055 and the corresponding code for an invalid action field is 66311 (66055 + 256).

General Error Codes
65536Transaction in progress. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
65537A general error has occurred.
65538Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
65539Invalid Credentials: merchantID is unknown or the signature doesn’t match.
65540Permission denied: caused by sending a request from an unauthorised IP address.
65541Action not allowed: action is not supported by the Acquirer or allowed for the transaction.
65542Request Mismatch: fields sent while completing a request do not match initially requested values. Usually due to sending different card details to those used to authorise the transaction when completing a 3-D Secure transaction or performing a REFUND_SALE transaction.
65543Request Ambiguous: request could be misinterpreted due to inclusion of mutually exclusive fields.
65544Request Malformed: could not parse the request data.
65545Suspended Merchant account.
65546Currency not supported by Merchant.
65547Request Ambiguous, both taxValue and discountValue provided when should be one only.
65548Database error.
65549Payment processor communications error.
65550Payment processor error.
65551Internal Gateway communications error.
65552Internal Gateway error.
65553Encryption error.
65554Duplicate request.
65555Settlement error.
65556AVS/CV2 Checks are not supported for this card (or Acquirer).
65557IP Blocked: Request is from a banned IP address.
65558Primary IP blocked: Request is not from one of the primary IP addresses configured for this Merchant Account.
65559Secondary IP blocked: Request is not from one of the secondary IP addresses configured for this Merchant Account.
65560Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
65561Unsupported Card Type: Request is for a card type that is not supported on this Merchant Account.
65562Unsupported Authorisation: External authorisation code authorisationCode has been supplied and this is not supported for the transaction or by the Acquirer.
65563Request not supported: The Gateway or Acquirer does not support the request.
65564Request expired: The request cannot be completed as the information is too old.
65565Request retry: The request can be retried later.
65566Test Card Used: A test card was used on a live Merchant Account.
65567Unsupported card issuing country: Request is for a card issuing country that is not supported on this Merchant Account.
65568Masterpass processing error.
65569Masterpass not supported.
65570Masterpass checkout failure.
65571Masterpass checkout success.
65572Masterpass checkout is required.
65573Amounts error. Provided transaction amounts to not tally.
65574Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
65575No data was found that match the selection criteria.
65576Request cancelled.
3-D Secure Error Codes
657923-D Secure processing in progress.
657933-D Secure processing error.
657943-D Secure processing is required. 3-D Secure ACS challenge must be displayed.
657953-D Secure processing is not required.
657963-D Secure processing is unavailable. Merchant account or Acquirer doesn’t support 3-D Secure.
65797Error occurred during 3-D Secure enrolment check
65798Reserved for future use.
65799Reserved for future use.
65800Error occurred during 3-D Secure authentication check
65801Reserved for future use.
658023-D Secure authentication is required.
658033-D Secure authentication results do not meet the Merchant’s preferences.
658043-D Secure authentication was successful.
Remote Checkout Processing Error Codes
65824Remote checkout processing in progress.
65825Remote checkout processing error.
65826Remote checkout processing is required. Remote checkout must be displayed.
65827Remote checkout processing is not required.
65828Remote checkout processing is not supported.
65829Remote checkout was successful.
65830Remote checkout failed.
Risk Check Processing Error Codes
65856Risk check processing in progress.
65857Risk check processing error.
65858Risk check processing required.
65859Risk check processing is not required.
65860Risk check processing is not supported.
65861Risk check processor communication error.
65862Risk check results do not meet the Merchant’s preferences.
Missing Request Field Error Codes
66048Missing request. No data posted to integration URL.
66049Missing merchantID field.
66050Missing merchantPwd field.
66051Reserved for internal use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66052Reserved for internal use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66053Reserved for internal use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66054Reserved for internal use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66055Missing action field.
66056Missing amount field.
66057Missing currencyCode field.
66058Missing cardNumber field.
66059Missing cardExpiryMonth field.
66060Missing cardExpiryYear field.
66061Missing cardStartMonth field. (Legacy field)
66062Missing cardStartYear field. (Legacy field)
66063Missing cardIssueNumber field. (Legacy field)
66064Missing cardCVV field.
66065Missing customerName field.
66066Missing customerAddress field.
66067Missing customerPostcode field.
66068Missing customerEmail field.
66069Missing customerPhone field.
66070Missing countryCode field.
66071Missing transactionUnique field.
66072Missing orderRef field.
66073Missing remoteAddress field.
66074Missing redirectURL field.
66075Missing callbackURL field.
66076Missing merchantData field.
66077Reserved for internal use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66078Missing duplicateDelay field.
66079Missing itemQuantity field.
66080Missing itemDescription field
66081Missing itemAmount field.
66082Missing taxAmount field.
66083Missing discountAmount field.
66084Missing discountReason field.
66085Missing xref field.
66086Missing type field.
66087Missing signature field (field is required if message signing is enabled).
66088Missing authorisationCode field.
66089Missing transactionID field.
66090Missing threeDSRequired field.
66091Missing threeDSMD field.
66092Missing threeDSPaRes field.
66093Missing threeDSECI field.
66094Missing threeDSCAVV field.
66095Missing threeDSXID field.
66096Missing threeDSEnrolled field.
66097Missing threeDSAuthenticated field.
66098Missing threeDSCheckPref field.
66099Missing cv2CheckPref field.
66100Missing addressCheckPref field.
66101Missing postcodeCheckPref field.
66102Missing captureDelay field.
66103Missing orderDate field.
66104Missing grossAmount field.
66105Missing netAmount field.
66106Missing taxRate field.
66107Missing taxReason field.
66108Missing surchargeRules field.
66109Reserved for internal use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66110Missing statementNarrative1 field.
66111Missing statementNarrative2 field.
66112Missing merchantName field.
66113Missing merchantCompany field.
66114Missing merchantAddress field.
66115Missing merchantTown field.
66116Missing merchantPostcode field.
66117Missing merchantCountryCode field.
66118Missing merchantPhone field.
66119Missing merchantMobile field.
66120Missing merchantEmail field.
66121Missing merchantWebsite field.
66122Missing merchantOrderRef field.
66123Missing merchantCustomerRef field.
66124Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66125Missing merchantType field.
66126Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66127Missing merchantCategoryCode field.
66128Missing supplierName field.
66129Missing supplierCompany field.
66130Missing supplierAddress field.
66131Missing supplierTown field.
66132Missing supplierPostcode field.
66133Missing supplierCountryCode field.
66134Missing supplierPhone field.
66135Missing supplierMobile field.
66136Missing supplierEmail field.
66137Missing supplierCounty field.
66138Missing customerCompany field.
66139Missing customerTown field.
66140Missing customerCountryCode field.
66141Missing customerMobile field.
66142Missing customerCounty field.
66143Missing merchantCounty field.
66144Missing customerOrderRef field.
66145Missing customerMerchantRef field.
66146Missing customerVatNumber field.
66147Missing customerDateOfBirth field.
66148Missing deliveryName field.
66149Missing deliveryCompany field.
66150Missing deliveryAddress field.
66151Missing deliveryTown field.
66152Missing deliveryPostcode field.
66153Missing deliveryCountryCode field.
66154Missing deliveryPhone field.
66155Missing deliveryMobile field.
66156Missing deliveryEmail field.
66157Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66158Missing deliveryCounty field.
66159Missing deliveryFax field.
66160Missing cardExpiryDate field.
66161Missing cardStartDate field. (Legacy field)
66162Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66163Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66164Missing items field.
66165Missing itemGrossAmount field.
66166Missing itemNetAmount field.
66167Missing itemProductCode field.
66168Missing itemCommodityCode field.
66169Missing itemUnitOfMeasure field.
66170Missing itemUnitAmount field.
66171Missing itemDiscountAmount field.
66172Missing itemDiscountReason field.
66173Missing itemTaxRate field.
66174Missing itemTaxAmount field.
66175Missing itemTaxReason field.
66176Missing shippingTrackingRef field.
66177Missing shippingMethod field.
66178Missing shippingAmount field.
66179Missing shippingNetAmount field.
66180Missing shippingGrossAmount field.
66181Missing shippingTaxRate field.
66182Missing shippingTaxAmount field.
66183Missing shippingTaxReason field.
66184Missing shippingDiscountAmount field.
66185Missing shippingDiscoutReason field.
66186Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66187Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66188Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66189Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66190Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66191Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs
66192Missing walletID field.
66193Missing walletName field.
66194Missing walletDesc field.
66195Missing walletData field.
66196Missing cardID field.
66197Missing cardName field.
66198Missing cardDesc field.
66199Missing cardData field.
66200Missing customerAddressID field.
66201Missing customerAddressName field.
66202Missing customerAddressDesc field.
66203Missing customerAddressData field.
66204Missing deliveryAddressID field.
66205Missing deliveryAddressName field.
66206Missing deliveryAddressDesc field.
66207Missing deliveryAddressData field.
66208Missing walletOwnerRef field.
66209Missing cardToken field.
66210Missing masterPassData field.
66211Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66212Missing masterPassCheckoutOptions field.
66213Missing masterPassCallbackURL field.
66214Missing masterPassCheckoutURL field.
66215Missing masterPassToken field.
66216Missing masterPassVerifier field.
66217Missing masterPassResourceURL field.
66218Missing masterPassStatus field.
66219Missing masterPassWalletID field.
66220Missing handlingAmount field.
66221Missing insuranceAmount field.
66222Missing paymentMethod field.
66223Missing paymentToken field.
66256Missing receiverName field.
66257Missing receiverCompany field.
66258Missing receiverAddress field.
66259Missing receiverTown field.
66260Missing receiverPostCode field.
66261Missing receiverCountryCode field.
66262Missing receiverPhone field.
66263Missing receiverMobile field.
66264Missing receiverEmail field.
66265Missing receiverDateOfBirth field.
66266Missing receiverAccountNo field.
66267Missing receiverCounty field.
66268Missing receiverFax field.
66269Missing customerFax field.
66270Missing rtScheduleType field.
66271Missing rtSchedule field.
66272Missing rtID field.
66273Missing rtName field.
66274Missing rtDescription field.
66275Missing rtPolicyRef field.
66276Missing rtMerchantID field.
66277Missing rtStartDate field.
66278Missing rtInitialDate field.
66279Missing rtInitialAmount field.
66280Missing rtFinalDate field.
66281Missing rtFinalAmount field.
66282Missing rtCycleAmount field.
66283Missing rtCycleDuration field.
66284Missing rtCycleDurationUnit field.
66285Missing rtCycleCount field.
66286Missing rtMerchantData field.
66287Missing rtCloneFields field.
66288Missing checkoutRef field.
66289Missing checkoutRedirectURL field.
66290Missing checkoutOptions field.
66291Missing checkoutRequest field.
66292Missing checkoutResponse field.
66293Missing rtAgreementType field.
66294Missing rtSequenceNumber field.
66295Missing rtSequenceCount field.
66296Missing itemProductURL field.
66297Missing itemImageURL field.
66298Missing itemSize field.
66299Missing itemWeight field.
66300Missing riskCheckPref field.
66301Missing riskCheckOptions field.
66302Missing cloneFields field.
66303Missing customField field.
66560Missing dccRef field.
66561Missing dccProvider field.
66562Missing dccRate field.
66563Missing dccMargin field.
66564Missing dccCommission field.
66565Missing dccSource field.
66566Missing dccCreated field.
66567Missing dccExpires field.
66568Missing dccCurrencyCode field.
66569Missing dccAmount field.
66570Missing dccAccepted field.
66592Missing threeDSRef field.
66593Missing threeDSVersion field.
66594Missing threeDSRedirectURL field.
66595Missing threeDSOptions field.
66596Missing threeDSDetails field.
66597Missing threeDSURL field.
66598Missing threeDSRequest field.
66599Missing threeDSResponse field.
66600Missing threeDSPolicy field.
66608Missing scaExemption field.
66628Missing riskCheckPref field.
66656Missing deviceType field.
66657Missing deviceChannel field.
66658Missing deviceIdentity field.
66659Missing deviceTimeZone field.
66660Missing deviceCapabilities field.
66661Missing deviceAcceptContent field.
66662Missing deviceAcceptCharset field.
66663Missing deviceAcceptEncoding field.
66664Missing deviceAcceptLanguage field.
66665Missing deviceScreenResolution field.
66666Missing deviceOperatingSystem field.
66688Missing initiator field.
66689Missing acquirerOptions field.
Invalid Request Field Error Codes
66304Invalid request. No data posted to integration URL.
66305Invalid merchantID field.
66306Invalid merchantPwd field.
66307Reserved for internal use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66308Reserved for internal use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66309Reserved for internal use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66310Reserved for internal use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66311Invalid action field.
66312Invalid amount field.
66313Invalid currencyCode field.
66314Invalid cardNumber field.
66315Invalid cardExpiryMonth field.
66316Invalid cardExpiryYear field.
66317Invalid cardStartMonth field. (Legacy field)
66318Invalid cardStartYear field. (Legacy field)
66319Invalid cardIssueNumber field. (Legacy field)
66320Invalid cardCVV field.
66321Invalid customerName field.
66322Invalid customerAddress field.
66323Invalid customerPostcode field.
66324Invalid customerEmail field.
66325Invalid customerPhone field.
66326Invalid countyCode field.
66327Invalid transactionUnique field.
66328Invalid orderRef field.
66329Invalid remoteAddress field.
66330Invalid redirectURL field.
66331Invalid callbackURL field.
66332Invalid merchantData field.
66333Reserved for internal use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66334Invalid duplicateDelay field.
66335Invalid itemQuantity field.
66336Invalid itemDescription field
66336Invalid itemAmount field.
66338Invalid taxAmount field.
66339Invalid discountAmount field.
66340Invalid discountReason field.
66341Invalid xref field.
66342Invalid type field.
66343Invalid signature field (field is required if message signing is enabled).
66344Invalid authorisationCode field.
66345Invalid transactionID field.
66346Invalid threeDSRequired field.
66347Invalid threeDSMD field.
66348Invalid threeDSPaRes field.
66349Invalid threeDSECI field.
66350Invalid threeDSCAVV field.
66351Invalid threeDSXID field.
66352Invalid threeDSEnrolled field.
66353Invalid threeDSAuthenticated field.
66354Invalid threeDSCheckPref field.
66355Invalid cv2CheckPref field.
66356Invalid addressCheckPref field.
66357Invalid postcodeCheckPref field.
66358Invalid captureDelay field.
66359Invalid orderDate field.
66360Invalid grossAmount field.
66361Invalid netAmount field.
66362Invalid taxRate field.
66363Invalid taxReason field.
66364Invalid surchargeRules field.
66365Reserved for internal use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66366Invalid statementNarrative1 field.
66367Invalid statementNarrative2 field.
66368Invalid merchantName field.
66369Invalid merchantCompany field.
66370Invalid merchantAddress field.
66371Invalid merchantTown field.
66372Invalid merchantPostcode field.
66373Invalid merchantCountryCode field.
66374Invalid merchantPhone field.
66375Invalid merchantMobile field.
66376Invalid merchantEmail field.
66377Invalid merchantWebsite field.
66378Invalid merchantOrderRef field.
66379Invalid merchantCustomerRef field.
66380Reserved for internal use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66381Invalid merchantType field.
66382Reserved for internal use. Contact customer support if this error occurs
66383Invalid merchantCategoryCode field.
66384Invalid supplierName field.
66385Invalid supplierCompany field.
66386Invalid supplierAddress field.
66387Invalid supplierTown field.
66388Invalid supplierPostcode field.
66389Invalid supplierCountryCode field.
66390Invalid supplierPhone field.
66391Invalid supplierMobile field.
66392Invalid supplierEmail field.
66393Invalid supplierCounty field.
66394Invalid customerCompany field.
66395Invalid customerTown field.
66396Invalid customerCountryCode field.
66397Invalid customerMobile field.
66398Invalid customerCounty field.
66399Invalid merchantCounty field.
66400Invalid customerOrderRef field.
66401Invalid customerMerchantRef field.
66402Invalid customerVatNumber field.
66403Invalid customerDateOfBirth field.
66404Invalid deliveryName field.
66405Invalid deliveryCompany field.
66406Invalid deliveryAddress field.
66407Invalid deliveryTown field.
66408Invalid deliveryPostcode field.
66409Invalid deliveryCountryCode field.
66410Invalid deliveryPhone field.
66411Invalid deliveryMobile field.
66412Invalid deliveryEmail field.
66413Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs
66414Invalid deliveryCounty field.
66415Invalid deliveryFax field.
66416Invalid cardExpiryDate field.
66417Invalid cardStartDate field. (Legacy field)
66418Invalid line items count, either too few or too many for processor.
66419Invalid line items sequence, either not sequential or not 0 to 99.
66420Invalid items field.
66421Invalid itemGrossAmount field.
66422Invalid itemNetAmount field.
66423Invalid itemProductCode field.
66424Invalid itemCommodityCode field.
66425Invalid itemUnitOfMeasure field.
66426Invalid itemUnitAmount field.
66427Invalid itemDiscountAmount field.
66428Invalid itemDiscountReason field.
66429Invalid itemTaxRate field.
66430Invalid itemTaxAmount field.
66431Invalid itemTaxReason field.
66432Invalid shippingTrackingRef field.
66433Invalid shippingMethod field.
66434Invalid shippingAmount field.
66435Invalid shippingNetAmount field.
66436Invalid shippingGrossAmount field.
66437Invalid shippingTaxRate field.
66438Invalid shippingTaxAmount field.
66439Invalid shippingTaxReason field.
66440Invalid shippingDiscountAmount field.
66441Invalid shippingDiscoutReason field.
66442Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66443Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66444Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66445Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66446Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66447Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs
66448Invalid walletID field.
66449Invalid walletName field.
66450Invalid walletDesc field.
66451Invalid walletData field.
66452Invalid cardID field.
66453Invalid cardName field.
66454Invalid cardDesc field.
66455Invalid cardData field.
66456Invalid customerAddressID field.
66457Invalid customerAddressName field.
66458Invalid customerAddressDesc field.
66459Invalid customerAddressData field.
66460Invalid deliveryAddressID field.
66461Invalid deliveryAddressName field.
66462Invalid deliveryAddressDesc field.
66463Invalid deliveryAddressData field.
66464Invalid walletOwnerRef field.
66465Invalid cardToken field.
66466Invalid masterPassData field.
66467Reserved for future use. Contact customer support if this error occurs.
66468Invalid masterPassCheckoutOptions field.
66469Invalid masterPassCallbackURL field.
66470Invalid masterPassCheckoutURL field.
66471Invalid masterPassToken field.
66472Invalid masterPassVerifier field.
66473Invalid masterPassResourceURL field.
66474Invalid masterPassStatus field.
66475Invalid masterPassWalletID field.
66476Invalid handlingAmount field.
66477Invalid insuranceAmount field.
66478Invalid paymentMethod field.
66479Invalid paymentToken field.
66512Invalid receiverName field.
66513Invalid receiverCompany field.
66514Invalid receiverAddress field.
66515Invalid receiverTown field.
66516Invalid receiverPostCode field.
66517Invalid receiverCountryCode field.
66518Invalid receiverPhone field.
66519Invalid receiverMobile field.
66520Invalid receiverEmail field.
66521Invalid receiverDateOfBirth field.
66522Invalid receiverAccountNo field.
66523Invalid receiverCounty field.
66524Invalid receiverFax field.
66525Invalid customerFax field.
66526Invalid rtScheduleType field.
66527Invalid rtSchedule field.
66528Invalid rtID field.
66529Invalid rtName field.
66530Invalid rtDescription field.
66531Invalid rtPolicyRef field.
66532Invalid rtMerchantID field.
66533Invalid rtStartDate field.
66534Invalid rtInitialDate field.
66535Invalid rtInitialAmount field.
66536Invalid rtFinalDate field.
66537Invalid rtFinalAmount field.
66538Invalid rtCycleAmount field.
66539Invalid rtCycleDuration field.
66540Invalid rtCycleDurationUnit field.
66541Invalid rtCycleCount field.
66542Invalid rtMerchantData field.
66543Invalid rtCloneFields field.
66544Invalid checkoutRef field.
66545Invalid checkoutRedirectURL field.
66546Invalid checkoutOptions field.
66547Invalid checkoutRequest field.
66548Invalid checkoutResponse field.
66549Invalid rtAgreementType field.
66550Invalid rtSequenceNumber field.
66551Invalid rtSequenceCount field.
66552Invalid itemProductURL field.
66553Invalid itemImageURL field.
66554Invalid itemSize field.
66555Invalid itemWeight field.
66556Invalid riskCheckPref field.
66557Invalid riskCheckOptions field.
66558Invalid cloneFields field.
66559Invalid customField field.
66816Invalid dccRef field.
66817Invalid dccProvider field.
66818Invalid dccRate field.
66819Invalid dccMargin field.
66820Invalid dccCommission field.
66821Invalid dccSource field.
66822Invalid dccCreated field.
66823Invalid dccExpires field.
66824Invalid dccCurrencyCode field.
66825Invalid dccAmount field.
66826Invalid dccAccepted field.
66848Invalid threeDSRef field.
66849Invalid threeDSVersion field.
66850Invalid threeDSRedirectURL field.
66851Invalid threeDSOptions field.
66852Invalid threeDSDetails field.
66853Invalid threeDSURL field.
66854Invalid threeDSRequest field.
66855Invalid threeDSResponse field.
66856Invalid threeDSPolicy field.
66864Invalid scaExemption field.
66880Invalid riskCheckPref field.
66912Invalid deviceType field.
66913Invalid deviceChannel field.
66914Invalid deviceIdentity field.
66915Invalid deviceTimeZone field.
66916Invalid deviceCapabilities field.
66917Invalid deviceAcceptContent field.
66918Invalid deviceAcceptCharset field.
66919Invalid deviceAcceptEncoding field.
66920Invalid deviceAcceptLanguage field.
66921Invalid deviceScreenResolution field.
66922Invalid deviceOperatingSystem field.
66944Invalid initiator field.
66945Invalid acquirerOptions field.

AVS/CV2 Check Response Codes

The AVS/CV2 Check Response Message field avscv2ResponseMessage is sent back in the raw form that is received from the Acquiring bank and can contain the following values:

ALL MATCHAVS and CV2 match
NO DATA MATCHESNo matches for AVS and CV2
DATA NOT CHECKEDSupplied data not checked
SECURITY CHECKS NOT SUPPORTEDCard scheme does not support checks

The AVS/CV2 Response Code avscv2ResponseCode is made up of six characters and is sent back in the raw form that is received from the Acquiring bank. The first 4 characters can be decoded as below, the remaining 2 characters are currently reserved for future use:

Position 1 ValueDescription
0No Additional information available.
1CV2 not checked
2CV2 matched.
4CV2 not matched
Position 2 ValueDescription
0No Additional information available.
1Postcode not checked
2Postcode matched.
4Postcode not matched
8Postcode partially matched
Position 3 ValueDescription
0No Additional Information
1Address numeric not checked
2Address numeric matched
4Address numeric not matched
8Address numeric partially matched
Position 4 ValueDescription
0Authorising entity not known
1Authorising entity – merchant host
2Authorising entity – acquirer host
4Authorising entity – card scheme
8Authorising entity – issuer