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Mobile SDKs

The Handpoint Android and iOS SDKs provide you with all the tools required to embed payments in your mobile application. The SDKs allow merchants to accept secure payments in a native iOS or Android application. Our SDKs also allow customers to save cards in the mobile app for future payments (using tokenisation to be kept of PCI scope), creating a seamless payment journey.


The Android SDK is an SDK written in Java, showing how the online payment gateway can be integrated within Android applications.

The project requires a device using Android 5 or above to work properly, you will also need Android Studio 2.1+ to build the code.

There is only one dependency that may be required to be included for this SDK which is the payment module. In the Android SDK code, there is an example app using the payment module/dependency.

To use the SDK (payment module) in your app, the following lines must be included in your build.gradle file:

dependencies {
implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])

//payment dependency
implementation project(':payment')


The iOS SDK is an SDK written in Swift, showing how the online payment gateway can be integrated within iOS applications.

CryptoSwift must be included as a Framework dependency. We have provided CryptoSwift v0.7.2 as part of our SDK but as a good practice we encourage you to rebuild CryptoSwift and our iOS SDK before use.

Code Examples

Android SDK

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